alright guys! I’m outta here

it’s been concluded that I’m not a huge fan of flying but this is pretty cool

she was crying Because someone else was crying, not because I’m leaving #jerk (at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE))

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A girl who’s normally very passive and quiet lashes out at a boy for making a gross comment. She’s more aggressive than usual today.
“Is it your time of the month?” He asks with a smirk
But he’s right. It is her time of the month. The full moon peeks from behind the clouds and she transforms into a werewolf and devours the boy whole

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The fact that this episode is 10 years old and Beyoncé is even more relevant today is just fabulous

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@p_strudel when did you become a joy??? I must’ve missed that short time of your life. #loveyou

I’ve been on three dates
and I just don’t understand
how it’s humanly possible
for someone
to have me so captivated
so quickly.
you joke about your dego roots
and how you grease your hair,
but I find it oddly charming
how you drink red wine while you cook and sing old songs
to dance to in the kitchen.

it’s been three months,
and you hold me close
still laughing when my English becomes flawed,
but let’s face it- who wouldn’t stutter after staring into your grey eyes?
it’s getting easier, but I can’t stop thinking
about h-h-how handsome you are.
there must me something I’m not seeing,
because my friends telling me that there’s more that meets the eye.
I know we don’t have the same taste in music,
but I’d not mind falling asleep
to the lullaby of your heartbeat,
and harmonizing first thing in the morning. I can’t wait for three years.

He did, and they were beautiful. I’ve still got a few saved on my phone that he sent to me last year. 

Life Update

So over the weekend I had the pleasure to run the Cleveland Half Marathon for the third time. It was perfect race conditions, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I ran with a friend of mine from the university, and we stayed together for the majority of the race (I ran by myself for a few miles when he had to pull off for beer, the bathroom, and water). I ended up setting a fifteen minute PR (YAY) and was on top of the world all Sunday. 

I went to PT with my grandma yesterday (she fell head over heels for her boyfriend and broke her ankle) and she has pitting edema. It’s pretty cool stuff to see in person since I’ve only read about it. (pitting edema is basically severe swelling that when you press on it, an imprint is left on the skin). 

And - Exactly a week from today I’ll be on a plane headed towards Lackland AFB for BMT and Tech school. I’ll be off of here for about eight and a half weeks, but I’ll have my computer back in late july/early august.