life as a new airman

so guys, it happened. about nine weeks ago today I was on a plane headed to San Antonio Texas. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. the first few days were a blur. when we arrived at the 331st training squadron (TRS) TSgt Faulkner climbed on and said “you have 45 seconds to get the piss off my bus.” the bus was silent and then next thing you know, an entire group of 45 girls is trying to scramble out of the bus as fast as they can. it was terrifying. there was a lot of yelling from both her and TSgt Shumate, my other mti. about two weeks in, we lost TSgt Faulkner - she went back to her other flight - and we gained SSgt Sparks. the one holding the squadron record. the one who only pushed honor flights. the one who was known as “wild bill” because of the rodeo of training he put his trainees through. I was terrified- close to having a panic attack as he walked into the room. and next thing we knew, we made it. through the torture of back to back MTI tools (disciplinary physical training) in 3rd week, to having a perfect score on our evaluations going into BEAST and coming out perfect, from surviving the detail inspections in the utility closet (it doesn’t sound bad but it was. there was dust everywhere and having dust and lint anywhere was a huge demerit) and being made element leader five days before parade, we were marching down the parade field with that honor flight ribbon and PT excellence ribbon. we had all four top PT females. we set the new squadron record of 108.5 points. we sent SSgt sparks to his new assignment knowing that he was one of the best MTIs out there. and most importantly, we came together as a flight and created a kickass group of warriors.

I’m now in tech school, so if anyone has any questions about my BMT experience- feel free to ask. I’m fairly busy still, but I can still answer any questions!

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So BMT happened… #airforce

alright guys! I’m outta here

it’s been concluded that I’m not a huge fan of flying but this is pretty cool

she was crying Because someone else was crying, not because I’m leaving #jerk (at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE))

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A girl who’s normally very passive and quiet lashes out at a boy for making a gross comment. She’s more aggressive than usual today.
“Is it your time of the month?” He asks with a smirk
But he’s right. It is her time of the month. The full moon peeks from behind the clouds and she transforms into a werewolf and devours the boy whole

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