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mama was not that happy that I got this close to her 🐣 (at All Weather Track and Field)

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Nimra, a one-year-old cat, plays with chicks.


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Moon Phases in Pastel 

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oh wow

so this morning at work as I was literally daydreaming about Mathew coming in to get a burrito and a good luck kiss (he’s got an interview today), someone walks behind me, pulls a pen I had in my back pocket out and goes “what’s this?” and THERE HE WAS. I of course was very happy, and he of course saw that and broke into a huge grin. he got his burrito, and before he left, he said “I figured I’d come see you because we aren’t having lunch today. and I needed a good luck kiss.”


oh my goodness, thank you so much :) I hope you have a better day!